• The Award is a formal international recognition of outstanding performance for Higher Education institutions around the world in specific areas pertinent to research, digital transformation, community engagement, etc. and to those who successfully addressed global educational challenges.
  • The Award is administered on an annual basis by the Center for Learning Innovations and Customized Knowledge Solutions (CLICKS). Award recipients will be presented during the MENA Higher Education Leadership Forum organized in Dubai, UAE official opening ceremony or in a gala dinner in years where the forum is not running.
  • The Award criteria and process is endorsed by key leading organizations form across the globe.
  • The Award is an international award that recognizes excellence in best Higher Education Institutions around the world. It aims at highlighting inspiring success stories of higher education institutions and celebrate institutions that have developed and implemented creative responses to current and ongoing issues in the sector.
  • The Award is open to all private and public HEIs around the world and aims at creating distinctive capabilities that drive achievement of outstanding performance.
  • Submissions of HEIs should demonstrate what was unique about their institution and its achievements over the past 2-3 years and provide examples.

Award Objectives

Objective 1

To celebrate excellence, inspiring efforts, innovation and success stories of higher education institution across the globe.

Objective 2

To raise the profile of higher education institutions that are committed to creating real and sustainable impact through their digital initiatives, research and innovation or engagement with the community.

Objective 3

To promote the transfer of best practices and ‘know-how’ among higher education institution across the globe in various contexts and cultural settings.

Objective 4

To influence future collaborations and cross regional collaborations that could help shape the future of higher education.

Objective 5

To infuse a culture of honest and ethical competition, while at the same time encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing.