This program was an eye opening to all areas of policy development, especially in policy writing and compliance. Thank you!

The two day workshop on the Policy Development and implementation is a very useful workshop that extends my knowledge in the area of policies at higher education institutions. It discusses so many parts, aspects and implementation at any policy. It also highlights on some tool kits that can be along with any phase. In generic,

The program was very valuable and informative, but it was made really interesting and attractive thanks to the facilitator Mr. Mokhtar, who inputs in addition to the content his personal knowledge and most importantly some very practical concepts, methods and practices

Learning delineated with group projects reflecting the learning outcomes of the Course workshop has the most useful methodology followed. This workshop was intensive and facilitated deep learning.

It was very informative workshop that we learn a lot from the trainer and other Colleagues. Mr. Mokhtar is very energetic / willing to share information. Excellent