Portfolio of consultancy services

We at the Center for Learning Innovations and Customized Knowledge Solutions (CLICKS) are passionate about the quality of Higher Education, and have a keen interest in supporting educational institutions throughout their journey of development, growth and excellence by providing innovative, customized and responsive ‘hands-on’ solutions. Our consultancy work is based on obtaining a deep understanding of our clients’ needs to ensure both fitness for purpose and alignment with international best practices. We offer solutions that address emerging issues facing higher education regionally and internationally and work with institution on building internal capabilities in an effective and sustainable manner. CLICKS provides a large range of consultancy activities through its high caliber team, network of associate experts and partners. The following represents a list of some of the services that the center typically engages with in each of its areas of expertise.

1- Leadership Development in Higher Education

  • Leadership Skills and Competencies’ Development including Women Leadership Development
  • Mentoring and Coaching of Executive Leadership
  • Developing Succession Strategies & Plans
  • Grooming New Leaders
  • Skills & Competencies’ Gap Analysis

2- Governance in Higher Education

  • Reviewing/ Developing Governance Structures
  • Developing Governance Blueprint and Charters
  • Developing Governance Assessment Tool Kits
  • Assessing Governance Effectiveness
  • Developing and Reviewing Organizational Structure and Job Descriptions
  • Governing Boards’ Induction Programs

3- Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

  • Developing Institutional Learning and Teaching Strategies
  • Developing Learning and Teaching Frameworks and Quality Standards
  • Developing Learning and Teaching Related Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
  • Supporting the Setting up Centers of Excellence in Learning and Teaching
  • Developing Faculty Rewarding and Recognition Schemes for Learning and Teaching
  • Developing & Assessing Strategic Approaches to Supporting Students’ Experience
  • Supporting Internal Capability Building for Faculty Members and Teaching Staff (through tailored programs)

4- Technology Integration in Higher Education

  • Institutional Technology Assessment and Strategic Road Mapping
  • Promoting a Culture for Technology Integration
  • Developing e-Learning, Blended Learning & Technology Enhanced Education Strategies, Plans and Frameworks
  • Transferring Best Practices for Technology Integration
  • Supporting Faculty and Staff Skills’ Development
  • Supporting Institutions with the Selection of Technological Tools and Solutions for Learning and Teaching

5- Quality and Accreditation in Higher Education

  • Designing and Developing Internal Quality Systems
  • Developing Continuous Improvement Plans
  • Conducting External Assessments & Reviews
  • Building Internal Capability in QA, Continuous enhancement and Accreditation
  • Conducting Benchmarks
  • Supporting Institutions with Preparing for Accreditation (Program & Institution level)

6- Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement

  • Engaging with Strategy and Policy Development Revision
  • Conducting Environmental Scans and SWOT Analysis
  • Facilitating Strategic Planning
  • External Assessment
  • Performance Management
  • Developing Risk Management Strategies
  • Supporting in Building Institutional Effectiveness Capability
  • Business Process Improvement

7- Research in Higher Education

  • Developing/ Reviewing Research Strategies
  • Developing Research Strategic Plans
  • Developing Research Related Policies & Procedures
  • Developing Research Performance Management Systems
  • Building Internal Research Capabilities among Faculty and Academic Staff