Our Services

CLICKS is set up as a unique Center that drives its core activities in a seamless manner, using value orientation and customer focus. It is an aspect that is reflected even in the Center’s values and guiding principles as we believe that value orientation is the main currency of modern competitiveness and the only approach for building long term, sustainable relationships.

CLICKS uses the following principles that differentiate it and give it the opportunity to make unique required contributions that can help institutions of learning to grow and develop as world class universities and which in turn will allow the Center to also secure its future:

  • Driving value provision for our customers by ensuring that we are always at the forefront of developments in innovative thinking and by knowing ‘what is going on’ in all the key areas of higher education development and provision;
  • The ‘Voice of the Customer’ is the starting point for CLICKS. We pledge to take great care in understanding what our customers need and want and to develop our capabilities in being able to translate their needs and requirements in terms of meaningful and customized solutions;
  • The packaging of our knowledge solutions is contextualized to the needs of the region and of the individual institutions to guarantee ‘fitness for purpose’ is preserved. We do not offer ideas ‘off the- shelf’ but take a great deal of commitment to develop solutions that can assist our clients and partners tackle problems, deal with issues, remain competitive and become of a world class nature;
  • Our aim is to secure the status of ‘preferred partner’ so that we can shadow our customers and provide mentorship, guidance and act as the main source of ideas, solutions, innovative thinking to institutions of learning and education that we will always be proud to be associated with;
  • The strategies that CLICKS adopts to provide support to our customers are quite diverse. We have information based means of support, the ability to develop blue prints and strategies, the exceptional ‘know- how’ and technical knowledge for developing toolkits and the wide expertise for transferring knowledge and building human capital;
  • Lastly, CLICKS uses a ‘one stop shop’ principle by covering all of the key aspects related to supporting Higher Education core activity including the emerging strategies and principles for online and hybrid education.

CLICKS classifies its expertise into five interrelated core areas which include:

  1. Strategy Development and Performance Management
  2. Leadership Development and Governance
  3. Quality and Excellence
  4. Innovative Learning and Teaching
  5. Research in Higher Education

Strategy & Policy Development

CLICKS supports institutions with the development and execution of various strategies including institutional strategies, teaching and learning strategies, research strategies, and technology integration strategies among others. In addition, it engages in developing various implementation plans along with relevant policies and guidelines supporting the deployment and implementation of these strategies.
We also work with clients on tackling their most important organizational challenges and on building competitive advantage.

Blueprints, Frameworks, Systems & Tools Development

CLCIKS engages in working with institutions on developing internal systems, frameworks and other tools in each of its areas of expertise. This involves building internal quality systems, governance frameworks, and risk management frameworks among others.

Capacity Building Programs

CLICKS provides a large range of capacity building programs opportunities to address the needs of various  institutional leaders, faculty members and staff members working in core or support functions of universities and colleges. Such programs may be of either public nature or could be tailored and delivered ‘in-house’ to address staff of a particular institution.

Best Practice & Knowledge Transfer

Through its various partnerships and its own internal expertise, CLICKS supports institutions with the transfer of ‘know-how’ and of best practices in its different core areas including teaching and learning, QA, organizational excellence, etc.

Research and Development Activities

CLCISK engages in undertaking R&D activities to support its own internal activities or those of its clients. As such CLICKS conducts market research, benchmarks, environmental scans, etc. on behalf of its clients.

Institutional Mentoring

CLICKS offers institutions with the opportunity to host visits of high-level experts; the purpose of such visits is to provide opportunities to discuss pertinent and impeding issues and to receive first hand feedback including views and ideas from fellow leaders with well- tried out solutions and credible best practices that may have worked well elsewhere. The Center also engages in undertaking Maturity Assessments to help gauge the degree of maturity of excellence in institutions of higher education and to help identify existing gaps. Not only does this approach help provide a detailed, rigorous and objective assessment, the Center can also provide meaningful avenues and suggestions that can help in dealing with challenges and positioning of the institution as a leader in its filed.