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Dr. Mukti A. P. Sharma
Dr. Mukti A. P. SharmaAssistant Professor, Al Khawarizmi International College, UAE

Excellent Workshop!
I would like to come again and attend many more useful workshops with CLICKS.

Mrs. Majda Al-Ismaily
Mrs. Majda Al-IsmailyLecturer, Higher College of Technology, Oman

What I liked the most is the delivery of the course; it was not serious and workshop like but it was made interesting and the presenter was engaging and interacting with the participants. I gained a lot of knowledge to make me a Tech-Lecturer.

Mrs. Oluka Pross Nagitta
Mrs. Oluka Pross NagittaLecturer, Uganda Management Institute, Uganda

This course was quite engaging with lots of new things to learn especially student Assessment tools. This was amazing especially in how students can be engaged in their own learning process.

Thanks you for the workshop.

Dr. Chaker Mhamdi
Dr. Chaker MhamdiBuraimi University College, Oman

The program was well planned and interesting. It was really and obviously tailored based on the goals it intended to achieve. I have personally benefited a lot from it and I felt the other attendees were interested in all the program activities and we were all satisfied.

Dr. Radwan Alyan Kharabsheh
Dr. Radwan Alyan KharabshehDirector QAAC, Applied Science University, Bahrain

I am very content with the workshop; it did what it promised to do. I benefited a lot and feel that my time here was a great investment.
Presenter had real life experience that is reliable, valid and recent and I feel that I will use some of the techniques learned in my work.
Very warm team, we felt at home.

Dr. Anoop K. Agarwal
Dr. Anoop K. AgarwalAssociate Dean of Graduate Studies, Gulf Medical University, UAE

Learning is life-long. There is always a room for improvement and addition to our skills. The workshop has helped me to change my outlook towards students.

Dr. Nathan Amanquah
Dr. Nathan AmanquahSenior Lecturer, Engineering Department, Ashesi University College, Ghana

Material presented was very useful. It will help me manage the supervision of capstone students even better. I will be able to get students to do more writing at a steady pace. The one page proposal/plan wukk also be particularly helpful.
For myself, I feel even more motivated to do some more writing in a consistent manner as I work on innovating in my area of interest. I really liked the 3C’s of academic writing.

Dr. Bassant Eyada
Dr. Bassant EyadaAssociate Professor, College of Media and Mass Communication, AUE, UAE

I believe the program was very beneficial to the faculty members and thesis supervisors. It tackled some major parts about research writing, supervisor role, researching & Evaluating a research.
I recommend a program conducted to the thesis students of American University in the Emirates, as they will sure benefit a lot for the provided information.

Ms. Marie David
Ms. Marie DavidManager, Academic Administration, Khalifa University, UAE

I learned a great deal from both the presenter and the attendees. As a novice to the Quality Assurance/Assessment process, the workshop proved to be an excellent classroom/learning Environment.

Dr. Francis Ansah
Dr. Francis AnsahResearch Fellow and QA Consultant, IEPA, University of Cape Coast, Ghana

I am highly impressed about the relevance of CLICKS capacity building programs for contemporary high education practitioners and researchers. I have benefited tremendously from the Program Assessment in Higher Education workshop held in Dubai from 11-13th October, 2016.

Dr. Akansha Upadhyay
Dr. Akansha UpadhyayInstitutional effectiveness Officer, American University in the Emirates, UAE

The workshop was very well organized in respect of tasks and discussions. Very nice collection of case studies from different countries and institutions. Looking forward to more such workshops.

Dr. Khawla Zahran
Dr. Khawla ZahranDirector for the Research Centre, Dar Al-Hekma University, KSA

Learning at its best!. You get to know what could be done through informative discussions and interactive strategies. An experience to remember with an excellent moderator and very inspiring participants. Thanks CLICKS.

Prof. Ali Najafinejad
Prof. Ali NajafinejadPresident, Gorgan University of Agriculture & Natural Resources Sciences, Iran

The workshop was very good and informative. I have learned new ideas specially workshop method. The workshop facilitator was very good and gave participants new ways of thinking.

Mr. Mhd Waseem Hemmoudeh

It was a great experience to be among peers from similar fields. Sharing problems and solutions as well as best practices. I wish to attend more workshops with CLICKS.
Big thanks to all of you.

Mrs. Sahar Hallak

This workshop helped us make changes throughout the Student Affairs careers. We are back with bundles of decisions to change and implement. We grasped the way to be leaders, educators and mentors; we will serve with a smile!

Mrs. Nawal Mohammed

Very useful and informative workshop, shed light on lots of different areas related to Students Affairs. Allowed a positive platform to share thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Mrs. Dina Hegazy

A practical and interactive workshop!
Well done! Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge.
A bombastic experience!.

Dr. Jalal Al Hadhrami

Impressive attention to details, organized venue, high quality of materials, great support with friendly organizers.

Emmanuel Acquaye

The workshop has given me the confidence in my perspective/ thinking on how a modern Higher Education should be governed to success in excellence.  

Dr. Mohammed M Seidu

This was a very good program in a very relaxed manner with very active participation from the floor that made it very interactive. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to others in this enterprise of tertiary education. The facilitator was expert of his presentation.

Ms. Sara Mneimne

Workshop touched upon key areas relating to student services; how to identify the requirements, challenges, how to overcome them, how to adopt best practices, contribute towards enhanced student experience. Mr. Mokhtar is a great facilitator who kept us engaged.

Dr. Bello Lawal Danbatta
Dr. Bello Lawal DanbattaAssistant Professor, Professional Strategies Schools, INCEIF, Malaysia

On day one of the program I have very little knowledge about delivering lecture and instructing in an e-learning program but at the end of day three, I am really confident of instructing an e-learning program because of the knowledge I have gotten at the end of program. And it is useful for both online education and face-to-face.

Dr. Muhammed Yusuf Saleem
Dr. Muhammed Yusuf SaleemAssociate Professor, INCEIF, Malaysia

The program overall was a very useful. It create awareness on the relevance and importance of educational technology for our online and face –to-face students.

Dr. Alma Enriquez

The workshop is helpful as it identified best practices and new trends which can be applied to further improve policy review and compliance. I’m going back to my University with new ideas on how to improve on policy frame work and hopefully find ways on how to effectively administer compliance of Policies.

Dr. Harini Methuku

Well organized and give a good knowledge and the topic

Prof. Faisal Almubaraki

Excellent coverage of a very important topic. Instructor, Prof. Zairi commands a very diverse, yet well illustrated aspects of Governance in Higher Education. Due thanks to CLICKS.

Prof. Ghassan Aouad

Excellent workshop facilitated by a world leading scholar and educationalist. I learnt a great deal from this workshop. I now have a much better understanding of governance issue many thanks to CLICKS colleagues for their leadership and hard work, especially Dr. Narimane and I enjoyed the workshop very much.

Ms. Aida Omet

The workshop was useful to me. I have learned some new things that I’m very excited to use and share. I hope that things will turn out well.

Dr. Jannat Al Abbasi

I really think this workshop was very useful and feeding and refreshing me with new and innovative ideas on topics that are rarely addressed.

Dr. Safwat Yousef

The workshop has added an outstanding value to our understanding of academic programs design, structure and assessment. Thank you for your outstanding efforts.

Dr. Nizar Mansour

The workshop was excellent. I personally benefited a lot from the leader’s remarks and suggestions. I believe that we were able to implement the learning accumulated through the workshop in the on-going revision of our academic quality assurance systems.

Ms. Shahira Osama

I find the workshop to be dynamic, interactive, insightful and highly linked and relevant to the core of my job as a program coordinator.

Jeffrey E. Michelman

I have been associated with Dr. Narimane Hadj-Hamou for over five years now and have found her insight to be cutting edge in the world of higher education. It is my belief that in order to achieve many of the innovations needed in MENA, thought leaders will need to think outside the box to create new kinds of learning organizations. CLICKS is well positioned to provide this leadership.

Dr. Sameer Ghorashi Mohamed

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for this opportunity to participate in this workshop on Strategic Planning in Higher Education. It was overall well organized, and prepared. The topics covered were excellent and the most attractive part was the quality and the open ideas during the interactions. 

Dr. Mona Ismail

I find all of CLICKS's workshops very useful. The Presenters are very knowledgeable and the workshop organization is professional. Thank you for being a support for Higher Education Institutions and showing us the correct way to do things.

Dr. Seema Karkain

It was an excellent workshop and good opportunity to gain leadership skills. The program was well organized and the presenter was an expert on the field. The ideas were effectively delivered.

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